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Nimbuzz.2.4 sis
Nimbuzz oOriginal
Nimbuzz Vidio Chat
Nimbuzz v1.0.0 (symbian)
Nimbuzz v2.0.3 Rev1535(symbian)
Nimbuzz symbian v2.0.4 s60 v2
Nimbuzz symbian v2.0.4 s60 v3
Nimbuzz symbian v2.0.4 s60 v5
Nimbuzz symbian v3.0 (unsighned)
Nimbuzz v1.0.0 (Java)
Nimbuzz V1.6.jar
Nimbuzz Original 1
Nimbuzz 1.8(Modified with some special options)
Nimbuzz 1.7 ( J2ME for all models )
Nimbuzz lasted version for s60V3
Nimbuzzv2.0.3 Rev1535.Sis
nimbuzz V1.6.jar
Nimbuzz v2.0.2 .sis
Nimbuzz v2.0.0 .sis
Nimbuzz 1.5 Beta .jar
Nimbuzz V 1.0.1 .jar
Nimbuzz V 1.0.1 .Sis
Nimbuzz v1.1.0 .sis
Nimbuzz v1.1.0 .jar
Nimbuzz v1.0.0 .sis
Nimbuzz v1.0.0 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.6 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.5 .sis
Nimbuzz v0.9.5 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.4 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.3 .sis
Nimbuzz v0.9.3 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.2 .sis
Nimbuzz v0.9.2 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.1 .sis
Nimbuzz v0.9.1 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.0 .jar
Nimbuzz v0.9.0 .sis
Nimbuzz Lite .jar
Nimbuzz 6600 .sis
Nimbuzz N70 .sis
Nimbuzz N73 .sis
Nimbuzz s60 5th
Nimbuzz Anti Banned.jar
Nimbuzz Black
Nimbuzz Editan 1
Nimbuzz Editan 2
downloade bombus Client Version edit pc.....................Client Versionname Nimbuzzversion Windows Vistaâ„¢download link
download link
BombusMod With style Font
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